Sunday, October 5, 2008

Survived the first Week

Tomorrow begins week two of Fall quarter. I survived the first week.

I spent last night at my high school watching the FUHSD Band Exhibition. It was fun, but a little irritating listening to the new parents say all the stupid rude things that new parents say. Word to the wise, never say anything negative about any youth band or sports team or dance team or anything at a public venue. You never know who is sitting next to you. Could be that ugly girl's mom, or the out of tune trumpet player's best friend. all you'll do is give your school a bad name for being negative. My band director drilled into our skulls that we were never to say anything negative about any other band ever. I noticed that while I watched, if I only said positive things, then I noticed the positive things more. When I focused on what the band was doing well, or the neat creative things that had a lot of potential, I enjoyed watching more.

The other thing that bothered me was that my alma mater (the smallest band at the exhibition) performed right next to the largest band there (who also happened to be our rival high school *sigh*). It's easy to sound good when you have 150 people out on the field and you use canned sound effects. It definately made my poor little band sound wimpy. Oh well, that's life. Sometimes I miss marching band... but I'll be glad to go to orchestra on Tuesday where people actually play dynamics and at least attempt to play in tune!


Anonymous said...

except the oboes

Kristina said...

I have full faith that the oboes are trying to play in tune! They're probably more successful than I am on the Eb clarinet... but I can't hear them due to the copious amount of brass that sits behind me.

DDRKirby(ISQ) said...

ah yes, this was the exhibition that i didn't go to. i didn't go to the potluck either. i did end up making it to TOB though. hmmm...dealing with band is a tricky issue.

i always wondered what it would be like to be in homestead's band. Playing snare of course. their drumline is nuts! I think it would totally inspire me to become 10 times better. Playing flute or picc in their band though, wouldn't really be that much fun. It doesn't really have that same feeling of immense power that you get from realizing that your sound can beat out half of the entire band. Whooo~

"Play like Kenneth, riding on an elephant, at a monster truck rally!!!!!"