Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Mask for Class or The Most Pointless Asignment Ever

So my theater history professor asked us to make a mask and bring it to class. I made this one! I had a lot of fun doing it, and really there's a lot to be said about an open ended project like that. What might it say about someone who goes all out and makes a feathery cat mask vs. someone who burns holes in a paper plate? But to my dismay I got to class and the teacher literally gave no opportunity for discussion. We all admired each others' masks, and that was it! We could have talked about how it changes your perspective when wearing a mask, or how masks effected theater's development or SOMETHING! But no. We saw some pictures of famous masks, looked at ours, and left. Masks are clearly an integral part of theater, but making one didn't bring any extra understanding. Pointless. At least I got a chance to practice some stitches I hadn't used before. Do you see that beautiful line of lavender feather stitch? I've never had feather stitch turn out well for me, but this time it did. I was so proud.

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