Friday, August 31, 2007

My philosophy, and why I'm blogging

I have found myself monologuing to myself on several occasions this week. Not only do I find this irritating, but also unsettling. I hope to put some of my semi-interesting monologues into the blogosphere for no other reason than it will get them out of my head. Perhaps someday, someone might actually read them too. In the meantime, I will clear my mind with some good wholesome blogging.
My life philosophy is not original or interesting, but it explains the name of my blog. It is in short, everything can be accomplished in baby steps. I continually make small steps toward what I want to do and be. Learn to play the piano? Ten minutes at a time. Have a more organized room? I start with one drawer. Develop a greener lifestyle? Start with a few little things.
The frustration is that I never finish anything. I'll never sit at the piano one day and say, "aha, I know how to play the piano now. I can stop practicing." I'll never decide that I live environmentally friendly enough, or that my home is organized well enough. It might be that because I choose such vague goals for my life this philosophy appeals to me. In any case I continue to wade through life in an ongoing and difficult journey to make myself into the person that I want to be.