Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Three More Days

Well, the Hadron Collider switched on this morning and did not create a black hole or destroy the Earth. Guess that means I have to go to work? Only for three more days!

I worked on my blouse last night. I got it all cut out, and almost finished sewing it together! The silk proved to be incredibly difficult to work with. No matter how many pins I put in it it wouldn't stay where I wanted it. I tried ironing, and pinning, and pinning AND ironing. It resulted in the least accurately cut project EVER. Fortunately I was able to adjust a few seams so it fits nicely. All that's left to do are the hems on the sleeves and the hem on the bottom. I tried last night with little success. Maybe I'll do better today with a full night of sleep and the sun shinning.


Kenneth Finnegan said...

Gahhh, they only ran Protons in one direction. I can't believe people are being so moronic about this. There was no tests today, only calibration.

It's like burning incense and being afraid of it exploding.

Mightysinetheta said...

Well, you've seen Serenity, right? Incense will mess your day up.

In an unrelated note: would it have helped to have ironed the silk to some freezer paper? Then it would have had a fixed aspect, and wouldn't have been able to move around at all.

Kristina said...

That would have worked... but I don't think I have any freezer paper on hand. It wouldn't solve the uncooperative hems... but it would make the cutting more accurate.