Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby Fish!

So, about a week ago I noticed a little wriggling tadpole looking thing in the very bottom of my fish tank. I got out some jars and took out the adult fish, pulled out all the gravel and decorations, and found three adorable baby guppies. They are now twice as big as they were, and living in an old salsa jar by my bed. At first I felt a little helpless watching them twitch around in the jar. They're so tiny! How will I ever be able to take care of them? But of course, the fish amazed me as they always do with their ability to take care of themselves. Maybe it's my childhood filled with neurotic dogs that gives me the idea that all pets need constant attention. I tell you one thing, if ever another dog comes into my life, it will have to be pretty darn amazing to get permission to stay!
I say that now, but I would put money on the fact that I will probably never let go of an animal once it's made itself at home. Like these baby fish, they'll wriggle themselves into my heart and never leave.

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