Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oh so Bitter

When someone starts to get on my nerves, I try to ignore it. It's what my mother taught me to do. But sometimes I develop a little irritation that won't go away. I complain and gossip. And then everything that they do that didn't irritate me starts to. I begin to harbor the bitterness.
Now, many years ago I promised myself I wouldn't let other people control my decisions or my life. By harboring that anger, I am letting other people control the way I feel. I am trying today to let go of some anger and bitterness. We'll see how that goes. Perhaps at the end of the day I'll be a slightly better person. Or maybe not.

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DDRKirby(ISQ) said...

eek, it's like deja vu. I'm not actually that fond of a lot of people. I call myself a misanthrope for a reason! But, it usually doesn't cause too many problems. The problems come when I'm forced to be around people whom I'm not okay with...maybe even work with them...and maybe even work under them *cough cough cough*.

Letting go of anger and bitterness is always good though. And I think it's still possible to not like someone, without feeling intensely bitter toward them. it's tricky. uhm, yeah.